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FESTA ITALIANA 2016 Entertainment

Entertainment Schedule


Friday 9/16/16                                                       Location


11:30 A.M.      Just Joe                                               Small Stage  

4:30 P.M.         The Strangers                                     Small Stage 

5:00 P.M.         Mood Swing                                       Main Stage 

7:00 P.M.         Prime Time Horns                              Main Stage

7:30 P.M.         Howie Bartolo                                    Small Stage

9:15 P.M.         Atlas **                                               Main Stage 


Saturday 9/17/16                                                  Location


1:30 P.M.         The Tommy Z Band                            Small Stage 

2:00 P.M.         Dance Centre North                           Main Stage 

3:30 P.M.         Ruby Shooz                                         Main Stage

4:00 P.M.         The Bad Husbands Club                    Small Stage

5:30 P.M.         Dominic Mantuano**                        Main Stage                

6:30 P.M.         Joey Nigro & John                                        Small Stage

7:30 P.M.         The Blacklites                                     Main Stage

9:00 P.M.         Jerry Cali                                             Small Stage

9:30 P.M.         Stroke                                                 Main Stage


Sunday 9/18/16                                                     Location


12:00 P.M.       Carl Lovell-Mandolin Player              Strolling

12:30 P.M.       Federico School of Music                   Main Stage    

1:00 P.M.         T. J. Sacco Band                                  Small Stage

2:00 P.M.         CMC School of Dance                         Main Stage

3:30 P.M.         Dominic  Mantuano                      Main Stage

3:30 P.M.         The Mickey Vendetti Band                Small Stage

5:30 P.M.         Under the Gun                                   Main Stage


** Maggie Russell will sign at these performances



2016 Festa Italiana Syracuse